Each year, as the dry season falls upon the wide savannahs of East Africa, an incredible happening takes place: the Great Migration of the Wildebeest. 

This epic journey, usually referred to as “The Greatest Show on Earth”, is a spectacle to behold, with over a million wildebeests and hundreds of thousands of zebras, gazelles, and antelopes taking part in a perilous yet instinctual journey across the Mara-Serengeti ecosystem.

Propelled by an endless hunger for new pastures and waters, these amazing creatures go on a cyclical journey that covers over 1,800 miles, from Kenya to Tanzania and back again. 

Those lucky enough to be able to behold this breathtaking natural spectacle will always remember it as one of the most awe-inspiring experiences they have ever had.

The Unveiling of a Living Tapestry


With the arrival of the wildebeest herds to the Maasai Mara in Kenya, the green plains turn into a living tapestry, a sea of black moving bodies with zebras’ stripes punctuating the scene. 

This spectacular display would be enough to turn even the most seasoned nature lover into a spellbound spectator, but it is only the introduction to the actual drama which unfolds.

The Mara River Crossings: A Tale of Survival


Although the mass of herds is breathtaking, the most exceptional part of the Great Migration is the very dangerous river crossings at Mara River. 

As the wildebeests reach the crocodile-infested waters’ banks, tension is felt in the air, with both the predators and the prey ready to face the ultimate challenge. 

A countless number of animals line up the riverside, their survival instinct pushing them forward but the danger of what lies beneath the surface makes them hesitate. 

It is a tense standoff, a tricky dance between being alive and facing a certain death, until eventually the dam collapses and the wildebeests surge ahead in a noisy stampede.

A Breathtaking Scene of Life and Death


The river crossing is a miracle that cannot be described in words, with the wildebeests taking the plunge into the turbulent waters and surviving the dangerous currents and the ever-present threat of crocodile attacks. 

The ones that cross are not yet safe, for the savannahs of the other side are home to a different set of predators – lions, cheetahs and hyenas – ready to seize the chance to join the feast.

It is a rough yet fascinating expression of the circle of life, a sharp reminder of the thin line that divides this huge ecosystem, and a humble tribute to the undefeatable spirit of the wildebeests and their unrelenting desire to live.

The Maasai Mara: A Close-Up View of Nature’s Magnificence


A wide range of activities are available for those who wish to be a part of the Great Migration experience in the Maasai Mara reserve. 

From luxury tented camps to rustic safari lodges, visitors are able to select accommodations that not only provide comfort but also unmatched opportunities to be in the thick of the action.

The highly experienced naturalist guides, who know the migration patterns by heart, lead safaris that provide viewers with a front-row experience of the drama. 

The unique knowledge and experience of the tour guides enable guests to grasp the complex behaviors and patterns that are behind this natural phenomenon, and that every moment becomes a lasting memory.  

By choosing Shian Tours and Travel a reputable tour operator that prioritizes conservation efforts and supports local communities, travelers can ensure that their presence has a positive impact on the region, safeguarding the delicate ecosystems that sustain the Great Migration for generations to come.


An Adventure Through Time and Space


With the migration moving forward, the Maasai Mara becomes a living tapestry, in which each step of the journey reveals a new episode in this epic story. 

From the arrival of the herds, to the nail-biting river crossings and finally the return to the Serengeti as they leave, it all reminds us of the never-ending cycles that control the natural world.

Whether it is the birth of wildebeest calves in the fresh green grasslands or the emotional scenes of predation that maintain the delicate balance of the ecosystem, the Great Migration shows the natural world naked and unfiltered life of the African plains.