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Why You Need a Travel Agent

With the increased use of technology to book hotel rooms, many visitors believe that they do not require any assistance in organizing an ideal trip. While online booking platforms have their place, there’s an often-overlooked hero in the travel industry: the travel agent. These experienced workers or experts are a tremendous asset that can take […]

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Things To Do in Nairobi

The capital of Kenya, Nairobi is a vibrant and multicultural city snug in the heart of the country. Its various cultural layers, vibrant food scene, and world-class wildlife experiences make this dynamic city an incredible place to visit and will leave you amazed.  First-timers or back-packers, Nairobi promises a week-long adventure that will etch indelible […]

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Top Best Places to Visit in Kenya

Home to some of the world’s most amazing wildlife and jaw-dropping natural beauty, coupled with an incredibly diverse array of cultures Kenya is the gem of East Africa. Home to snow-capped mountains, untouched beaches, savannahs, and ancient forests – this country is no ordinary destination in every sense. Whether you are an experienced explorer or […]

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How the Diverse Weather Shapes Your Traveling

One of the factors that have a significant effect on the Kenyan travel adventure is the country’s varied weather. Depending on the patterns of the rains, dry seasons, coastal winds, and altitude disparities, travelers experience different microclimates that drastically affect the experience of safari, beach, and mountain climbing or cultural festivals.  Therefore, knowing when to […]

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