Home to some of the world’s most amazing wildlife and jaw-dropping natural beauty, coupled with an incredibly diverse array of cultures Kenya is the gem of East Africa. Home to snow-capped mountains, untouched beaches, savannahs, and ancient forests – this country is no ordinary destination in every sense.

Whether you are an experienced explorer or a first-time tourist on a Kenya adventure, the varied landscapes and vibrant traditions will amaze you. 

Take a tour to feel the spirit of this amazing country through these top 10 places to visit in Kenya, and make your journey unforgettable.

  • Maasai Mara National Reserve

maasai mara

The annual Great Wildebeest Migration is one of the greatest natural spectacles on Earth, and there is no better way to see it than in Kenya. The best place to view it is in the Maasai Mara National Reserve in the south west of Kenya. 

Witness more than 1.5 million wildebeests, zebras, and gazelles migrate across the Mara River into Maasai Mara National Park looking for new pastures once in a year.

But there is much more to the Maasai Mara than just a wildebeest migration. Whether to explore the vast savannas of the African continent with a myriad number of species in different options or to meet lions, cheetahs, and leopards up close in abundance, African destinations provide an irresistible adventure for wildlife enthusiasts. 

High-stakes game drives in the wilds or flying high above on an unforgettable hot air balloon safari providing unmatched views of the ecosystem.

  • Amboseli National Park


Nestled at the foot of the world’s tallest free-standing mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro, Amboseli National Park is a photographer’s paradise. Certainly, it makes a truly one-of-a-kind scene seeing the elephants grazing with the snowy mountain from the blood-stained background, as it gives a more realistic feeling than when we see them grazing on your TV.

The park has the largest animal diversity in India and over 600 species of birds. Experience the park’s diverse habitats, from lush swamps to arid dust bowls, on a guided safari drive or nature walk.

  • Lamu Island

Lamu county

Journey back in time and discover Lamu Island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Located off the coast of Kenya, it is a fascinating blend of Swahili, Arabic, and European design elements – many of which date back to the 14th century.

Wander through the labyrinth lanes of Lamu Old Town, stopping to gaze at the intricately carved wooden doors, historic mosques, and vibrant markets. Go to one of the festivals celebrating centuries-old traditions on this island, from donkey races and dhow-sailing races to Swahili poems and henna workshops.

  • Mount Kenya National Park

mount kenya national park

Mount Kenya is the second-highest peak in Africa and towers above the surrounding landscape – an important commune of wildlife, and a desired destination for climbers and trekkers. A UNESCO World National Heritage Site, Mount Kenya National Park offers visitors a wide range of trekking opportunities. 

Tasks vary from one-hour strolls to more arduous hikes taking long duration wish to hike a 5199meter high peak.

You climb even higher, and that is when the photogenic ice field landscapes on wildflowers, Mount Kenya glaciers, and deep valleys where wild bongos roam together with focal black and white colobus monkeys. 

Many outdoor lovers are drawn to the park, which also features camping and climbing opportunities, drawing a good number of outdoor people who just want to experience the big mountain itself in all of its glory.

  • Tsavo National Parks

tsavo national park

Tsavo National Parks, at 22,000KM2 the enormous Tsavo National Parks (Tsavo East and Tsavo West) make up one of the largest protected areas in Kenya and actually; the world. These are vast expanses of wilderness where you can enjoy an authentic safari, traveling through a variety of habitats with beautiful sweeping vistas from rolling volcanic hills to savannas.

Tsavo East is known for large herds of elephants and its iconic red-dusted elephants, while Tsavo West is known for Mzima Springs’ clear underwater hippo and crocodile sightings. 

Tsavo National Parks are among the places in the world where nature walks camping safaris and game drives guarantee a lifetime experience.

  • Nairobi National Park

nairobi national park

Nairobi, the vibrant city and capital of Kenya, is home to Nairobi National Park, a type of rarity in the heart of Nairobi. Nestled just a skip away from the sky-high dreams of Nairobi, this urban haven promises a tour around all of upstream Kenya’s glory unbound in flora and fauna.

Lions, rhinos, giraffes and zebras roam about the park -an image reminiscent of wildlife reserves- totally unaware that right behind that small mound is Nairobi city. Additionally, the park is popular with birdwatchers. Over 400 species of birds have been recorded here. 

Visiting the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is a surefire way to have while in Kenya an altogether novel experience, while also learning about the larger conservation picture. You can even ‘adopt’ an orphaned calf!

  • Diani Beach


Diana Beach, is a spotless beach on the Kenyan coast. A real tropical paradise, combining relaxation with a bit of adventure at the palm-studded beach with fine white sand and crystal-clear turquoise water.

Lounge in the sun or partake in any number of water activities-and there are many- (snorkel, dive, kitesurf, deep sea fish), during your stay. Adjacent to the lodge is the Kaya Kinondo Sacred Forest, a remnant of ancient coastal forests that hold spiritual significance for members of the Mijikenda community – hence it being a popular place among ecotourists and birdwatchers.

  • Lake Nakuru National Park

Lake nakuru national park

Lake Nakuru National Park is indeed a spectacle as it is seen bounding with so many wild animals the most visible one being the giant numbers of flocking flamingos that breed along its edge with water which is often home to thousands of lesser and greater flamingos. One cannot easily miss the sight, pink wonderfully sparkling against the cool blue waters.

But the flamingo is just the star act, Lake Nakuru has a lot more wildlife to offer. The park is home to deer, rhinoceroses and leopards, and over 450 species of birds. 

Spend the day game driving or head out on a nature walk with a designated guide and explore the various terrains within the park – from acacia woodlands to lush forests and short grass intestate grasslands.

  • Hell’s Gate National Park

hells gate

Hell’s Gate National Park (due to the dramatic nature of the landscapes) is known for mysterious landscapes and adventure activities. This unusual park, which includes cliffs towering over deep gorges and impressive rock formations, was formed by the lava flows directly penetrating powder snow.

Hike, bike, or partake in a guided rock-climbing experience and experience the rugged landscape up close. Be on the lookout for the many animal species found in Hell’s Gate, including antelopes, zebras, and over 100 different birds.

  • Samburu National Reserve


Samburu National Reserve, the semi-arid wilderness is one of the lesser-known gems in the north of Kenya. The reserve has a very special natural system and is home to many rare and endangered species of animals such as Giraffe, Grevy’s zebra, and Ostrich Somalia.

Game drives around the reserve reveal large numbers of wildlife going up and down to the Ewaso Ng’iro River where they drink their fill at this perennial river. Also recommended are guided bush walks and a visit to a traditional Samburu village where guests are able to learn about the culture, traditions, and way of life of this proud tribe, making the experience that much more authentic.

Kenya with amazing sceneries, wildlife and cultural history has a lot to offer to all types of travelers. Whether you are seeking adventure, relaxation or an intimate deep connection with nature, this awe-inspiring country is sure to touch deep within your heart, mind and soul. Well, just pack your bags and camera and embark on an unforgettable journey to the Kenya Wilderness.