As the African sunset captures the sky in shades of orange and pink, you will be completely mesmerized by the beauty of Kenya’s coastline. From quiet beaches to lively Swahili towns, this East African haven provides an enchanting experience that cannot be found anywhere else.

 And with Shian Safaris as your trusted guide, you will unveil the hidden gems along this amazing stretch of the Indian Ocean.


Creating Your Individualized Coastal Expedition

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Each experience at Shian Safaris is meant to be as special as every traveler so that the journey is as unique as the person himself or herself. That is the reason why our dedicated staff will be working together with you to design a unique coastal adventure that will fulfill all your wishes, needs, and desires.

 It doesn’t matter if you want to relax on perfect beaches, explore beautiful coral reefs, or get acquainted with local cultures, we will make sure that your Kenyan trip is exclusively designed for you. Reach out to us today via phone, WhatsApp (+254 787 393 774 or +254 722 724 788), or email (, and let this adventure begin.


Tiwi Beach: A Peaceful Bit of Heaven on Earth

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Tucked away from the hustle and bustle, Tiwi Beach is truly a hidden gem that will melt your heart from the very moment you step on its white, powdery sand. This hidden gem of paradise offers crystal clear waters, calling you to take a plunge, and swaying palm trees serve as your escape from the midday sun.
However, Tiwi Beach is both about lounging and relaxation, but it is much more than that. This is where the colorful marine animals residing in the Tiwi Africa Pool can be explored. Snorkel or dive in a rainbow of coral reefs full of tropical fish, or take a boat trip to see dolphins leaping and playing in the waves.

As the sun goes down, go to one of the beachfront resorts that are intimate and treat yourself to the ultimate spa session. With Shian Safaris, you’ll find the real meaning of serenity in this gem of a coastal haven.


Watamu: Where Nature and Culture Came Together


If you are looking for a coastal getaway that perfectly combines natural beauty with a rich cultural experience then Watamu is the place you should choose. This beautiful town, located on the Indian Ocean, provides a remarkable combination of pure beaches, stunning coral reefs, and interesting historical monuments.

Spend your days discovering the hidden treasures of the sparkling water, where you can see a myriad of colorful fish through snorkeling or diving. Alternatively, you can opt for a trip to the old city of Gede, a 13th-century Swahili city that is in the heart of a lush tropical forest. 

While strolling through the old stone buildings, you will be taken to the past, gaining a greater understanding of Kenyan cultural heritage.

Spend the evenings at Watamu Beach’s soft sands and enjoy a romantic dinner on the beachfront with the gentle ocean waves as the background melody for your coastal getaway.


Lakeside Havens: Tranquility Awaits
The coastline of Kenya is no doubt a spectacular place to visit, however, the tranquility of the inland lakes should not be ignored. From the peaceful beaches of Takawiri Islands to the huge area of Lake Victoria, these freshwater havens give a nice contrast to the ocean’s embrace.


Takawiri Island: A Private Paradise

Visualize your own island paradise with the only footprints on the sand are yours. Takawiri Island, a secluded gem that lies within Lake Victoria, is a place where you will find utter tranquility and joy. This is the place where you can enjoy the most romantic getaway, lying on the magnificent beaches or diving into the lake’s refreshing waters.

Shian Safaris can arrange for you to be shuttled to this heavenly destination, which offers opulent lodging, gourmet meals, and an extensive menu of tailor-made activities. Whatever be your desire of a serene retreat or a thrilling escapade, Takawiri Island will surely provide an unforgettable experience.


Lake Victoria: Great and Magnificent

Lake Victoria being the largest freshwater lake in Africa is a great gift of nature. With its huge size, it crosses through 3 countries and provides plenty of different experiences for those who wish to spend some time by the lake.

From the vibrant Kisumu shores where you can immerse yourself in local culture to the tranquil beaches where you can just relax and enjoy the sun, Lake Victoria will set your heart aflutter. Go on a guided fishing expedition and see if you can catch that rare Nile perch, or simply be lost in the scenery of the lake’s ever-changing colors. Shian Safaris will be your guide in the journey of uncovering the authentic beauty of this awe-inspiring African landmark.


Where Adventure and Relaxation Intersect


Kenya’s coastal and lakeside destinations provide an ideal balance of action and tranquility, serving as a haven for every kind of traveler. Whether you want a thrilling adventure or a peaceful retreat, we will make sure that your trip is customized to your every dream.

From exploring vibrant coral reefs and ancient Swahili ruins to indulging in romantic beachfront dinners and private island escapes, your Kenyan adventure will be one to remember for a lifetime. So, what are you waiting for? Contact Shian Safaris today and let us help you uncover the hidden gems that lie along Kenya’s enchanting coastline and tranquil lakes.