Mombasa is Kenya’s coastal paradise and it is the ideal place for families seeking to make lasting memories this Christmas season.

With a warm tropical climate, magnificent beaches, rich cultural heritage, and numerous family-friendly activities, Mombasa provides an exclusive as well as unforgettable experience for both kids and their parents.

It is one of Kenya’s leading tourist destinations and hence Mombasa has advanced tourism infrastructures that facilitate easy planning of family vacations. This lively coastal city encompasses everything including world-class hotels and resorts, thrilling outings, and actions.


Why You Should Visit Mombasa with Your Family

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  • Spectacular Beaches: For swimming, snorkeling or sandcastle-creating purposes, Mombasa boasts some of Africa’s most beautiful white sands flanked waters.
  • Cultural Immersion: In order to experience the unique blend of Swahili, Arab, Portuguese as well as British cultures that have had a profound effect on its rich culture and architecture.
  • Activities for Families: From going on a dolphin watch safari and glass bottom boating trip or wildlife park visitation to historical sites exploration there are so many things children can do while visiting Mombasa which will surely engage them in fun ways.
  • Delicious Food: Discover Swahili dishes alongside coastal foods featuring various kinds of seafood like fish from the Indian Ocean; curry flavored meals plus street vendors.
  • Warm Weather: Mombasa’s tropical climate ensures plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures, perfect for enjoying the outdoors and beach activities.


Planning Your Mombasa Family Vacation


When to Go

Christmas is a great time to travel to Mombasa as it’s sunny and warm with an average temperature of 30°C (86°F). This period is from December through March and is mainly characterized by a dry spell which ensures minimum rains hence favorable beach life and outdoor fun.


Where to Stay


Mombasa has several varieties of places to stay that are suitable for different budgets and family needs. These include fancy beach resorts that have facilities conducive for children, cozy boutique hotels, and self-catering apartments.

Here are some popular family-friendly resorts in Mombasa:

  • Sarova Whitesands Beach Resort & Spa – this all-inclusive resort offers kids club activities, water sports, spa among others.
  • Voyager Beach Resort – Located at Nyali Beach this resort provides spacious family rooms, multiple pools, and a children’s club.
  • Bamburi Beach Hotel – Situated on the North Coast, the hotel provides accommodation that is child-friendly, waterslides, and a variety of restaurants.




Mombasa City surprisingly is a relatively small city therefore many attractions including beaches can easily be reached by walking or taking shorter taxi drives. It’s worth noting though that long distances like day trips would be advised to take up hiring a private driver or organizing tour guide services.

Tuk-tuks (three-wheeled taxis) are also a popular and affordable way to get around the city, although they may not be suitable for families with small children or a lot of luggage.


Mombasa’s Best Family-Friendly Activities

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Beaches and Water Sports

When in Mombasa, a trip to the beaches is an imperative. Below are some of the ideal beaches for parents and kids:

  • Diani Beach: Often voted one of Africa’s best beaches, Diani Beach has lots of room for children to play in addition to opportunities for snorkeling, diving, and other water activities.
  • Nyali Beach: Nyali Beach is highly preferred by families because it is located near many resorts, as well as eateries with calm waters suitable for swimming; also, camel rides and beach soccer, are available on this beach.
  • Bamburi Beach: A popular spot for swimming, sunbathing, and playing beach games due to its crystal clear waters and lovely white sands.


Cultural and Historical Attractions
fort jesus

Families can explore Mombasa’s rich cultural heritage which allows them to understand the city’s history and traditions.

  • Fort Jesus: This UNESCO World Heritage Site founded by Portuguese settlers during the 16th century boasts both architectural excellence and interactive exhibits that make it a must-see location.
  • Old Town: Take a walk around Old Town Mombasa which features narrow streets with buildings that reflect Arab, Swahili, and Portuguese elements; besides stopping at local cafes could be necessary if you feel hungry and experience the local cuisine.
  • Mombasa Tusks: These two iconic elephant tusks found at the entrance to the city weigh over four tons each and are a popular spot for pictures while in Mombasa.


Family-Friendly Trips in Mombasa

There are several tours and trips specifically designed for families who have children.

  • Haller Park: The nature park is home to various animals such as hippos, giraffes, and antelopes as well as a well-kept botanical garden.
  • Dolphin Watching Trips: Take a boat ride and get close to the water mammals that play around on the Coast of Mombasa.
  • Glass Bottom Boat Tours: On this tour, you can explore the lively aquatic life and coral reefs without going underwater through a glass-bottomed boat.
  • Marine National Parks: Snorkeling, diving, and exploring diverse marine ecosystems are some of the activities available in these protected areas.


Family Friendly Restaurants


Eating and snacking regularly is paramount with kids around. There are numerous dining choices available in Mombasa’s ever-bubbling culinary scene.

  • Tamarind Restaurant: It is an upmarket restaurant providing family-style Swahili and Coastal cuisine.
  • Moorings Floating Restaurant: This restaurant located on a floating deck offers you an opportunity to enjoy fresh seafood while watching the Indian Ocean views it also gives you a kind experience.
  • Seaview Restaurants: There are so many restaurants located on the beachfront. The laid-back atmosphere makes it ideal for families wishing to try out local Swahili dishes with fresh seafood.

Mombasa is a true gem on the Kenyan coast, offering families a chance to create lasting memories while exploring its rich culture, pristine beaches, and diverse array of activities. Shian Tours and Travel will carefully plan an amazing family holiday in Mombasa and promises to be a truly unforgettable experience this Christmas.